GINI stands for Global Integrated Network of IEEE. R10 GINI was officially launched during the R10 Student Congress held in Madras in January 2008. R10 GINI started with one mentor Kerala section, which implemented LINK, a similar network in Kerala, and 5 pilot sections, Madras, Hyderabad, Delhi, New Zealand and Pakistan. The motto behind GINI is simple to enhance and encourage communication between student branches of a section initially , spreading this to the country and finally IEEE RegionR10. This is achieved by bringing student branches to work together, by promoting effective inter communication between student branches, which will lead to increase in the IEEE activities, reactivation of sick student branches, formation of new branches, effective transfer of responsibilities among branch officers and making the IEEE membership more valuable to the student members.


Global Integrated Network of IEEE in Madras Section shortly named as GINIMAS was inducted during the Region 10 Student Congress, 2008 at Chennai. It came into work with a few volunteers with the same vision and mission and Madras Section Student Branch Office Bearers Meet was organized on 8th March, 2008. Madras Section which is the largest in terms of the number of Student Branches was divided in 10 hubs based on Geographical Vicinity. Hub Centres were formed with Hub leaders and hub executive committee. The Executive Committee of GINI MAS was formed with a framed constitution, Mission and Vision Statements. Two SPACs were organized thereafter and membership drives were conducted in 6 Student Branches by volunteers from GINI MAS participating along with the SAC. Two face to face meetings of the hub leaders were organized where R10 SAC participated and about 5 online meetings were organized.


Global Integrated Network of IEEE (GINI) was initially initiated in Karachi only in May 2008 but within three months GINI spread to all 3 sections of Pakistan, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and it became the GINI Pakistan. GINI has played very influential role by not only reactivating the dead branches but it has also connected the Student branches from all three sections which was the missing link before.

It was made possible with efforts from GINI Volunteers and support from Sections. GINI promises to make this network even stronger with the vision of no sick branches in Pakistan and adding more and more new branches to the family of IEEE.


IEEE Hyderabad Section has been active in implementing the concept of GINI in the section for sustained networking among the student branches. The section has been divided into 3hubs and has introduced the concept of Zonal Congress and Zonal Congress each at Vishakhapatnam, Warangal and Hyderabad were conducted effectively in the threhubs.

The GINI Team also hosts stalls in other IEEE Student Branch events, in order to recruit more active volunteers for GINI and to spread the news of Student Branch Networking. Such stalls were hosted at Technical Festivals conducted by IEEE VBIT Student Branch and IEEE BVRIT StudentBranch

The Section has organized 6 Face to Face meetings of GINI Volunteers and also 8 online meetings till date at various places.