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Written by Vandana

Venue : LBSITW

No. of participants: 50+ SCHOOL STUDENTS


Educational Activities team of IEEE Kerala Section in association with IEEE Travancore Hub initiated a 5-day Engineering Summer camp for pre-university students.The summer camp was meant for school students of 10th grade and 11th grade. Engineering aspirants and those who were interested in the field of science and technology participated in the camp. The camp helped the students to build confidence, develop skills and help to transform education from an ordinary classroom experience to an exploratory learning-centered environment of discovery and problem-solving. This camp being first time experience and found to be a successful on with more than 50 participants, this could be followed in upcoming years so that we could inspire a large number of students to explore the wonderful world of engineering. As a pilot event, it was planned to conduct its first phase in association with IEEE Travancore Hub in Trivandrum district. 5 day long camp was conducted at LBS institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura.  

Each day of the camp had its own uniqueness that led to the students’ enrichment with endless possibilities in the field of engineering. It started of with Prof. Nandan S, Secretary, Educational Activities, IEEE Kerala Section, the Travancore Hub VSAC and the Branch Counselor of the LBSITW IEEE Student Branch giving the welcome address followed by various talks by other dignitaries. Ice breaking sessions allowed the students to interact more and step into their comfort zones as more fun and interesting activities awaited them.  Documentaries and sessions on science related topics were presentedto inculcate a sense of curiosity among the fresh minds. The major highlight of the camp was the visit to VSSC Trivandrum to visit the space museum and take a tour Rocket Launch areas. Hands on activities like assembly of circuit of automatic street lamps on bread-boards,switch circuit using 555 timer IC ,fans using bottles and motors and webpage designing helped the students to explore more into the applications of engineering. Socially relevant yet technically associated sessions like Cyber Security succeeded in engaging students more as well  becoming an eye opener. The final day of the camp saw many fun filled cultural activities preceded by an inspirational talk from Dr Martin Payyapilli.

    Further into the evening, Dr. B Premlet unveiled an amazing documentary on Sir Stephen Hawking by one of the campers, Mr. Sooryanaranan which he had done as part of the work assigned by Dr. Premlet on the first day. The camp ended with an official photoshoot of the whole team, a lot of happy moments and a good time in general

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