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Written by Amrith M

11 February 2015 – 12 February 2015



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#hackRL78 two day workshop was conducted by Neona Embedded Labz, in Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology. This was conducted for the students of second, third and fourth year students. Around 33 students were present for the workshop.



Day 1

The speaker was Mr Shijith  fromNeona Embedded Labz  who gave an insight into the working of the microcontroller RL78.

The day 1 started with the speaker enlightening the students about Renesas electronics and their partnership with Neona embedded labz. The circuit diagram and the internal working of the microcontroller was explained. The afternoon session was a hands on session with each group of participants handling the printed circuit boards themselves using LEDs and switches.


The second day saw the morning session with students using rl78 microcontroller with interval timer.

They demonstrated how to use AD converter, to control the lighting of LEDs with and without interval timers and switch to the students.  The final session was about communicating with the microcontroller through a serial port.Thus the basics of RL78 microcontroller was covered in two days over 4 sessions.Students with creative ideas are to forward the same to Neona Embedded Labz.The best ones will be selected and the kits for the same will provided to students by Neona at a reduced price.The grand finale of rl78 design contest is scheduled on April 26th. Neona Embedded Labzhave guaranteed technical assistance and guidance to aspiring students who wish to pursue their interest in microcontrollers.

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