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IEEE Kochi Hub Meet 2016

Written by Amrith M

“With mind guzzling workshops, inspiring talks, unlimited fun and the galore of tech freaks round,

IEEE Kochi Hub Meet beheld a prominence of appreciation and a resonating round of applause.”

26th August, 2016

IEEE Kochi Hub Meet 2016 was held in MACE, Kothamangalam during 26th Aug, 2016 to 28th Aug, 2016. The hub meet was a three day event which ensured endurance of techno-managerial indulgence, motivating speakers, and a summit of galaxy of brainpowers with one goal in mind to generate technical empowerment among the students of various engineering colleges in Kochi hub by emphasizing the importance of various efficient IEEE resources for technical advancements.

On the first day of the hub meet, over 200 participants reported the venue for the inaugural ceremony. The commendable hospitality by the MACE volunteers ensured the wellbeing of every IEEE delegate. The inaugural ceremony took place in the main auditorium of the college. It was an august dusk of the month of August that witnessed over 200 participants and more than 30 volunteers present there to anticipate for the expected outcome of the event. The evening was embraced by the gracious presence of the delegates who came for the event from the very corners of the state, and thus was appreciated.

The event commenced with a presidential address by Prof. Elizabeth Sebastian, HOD EEE department, MACE Kothamangalam took the privilege of addressing the members present in the auditorium. Prof. Susan George, Principal, MACE Kothamangalam gave a courteous welcome to all the guests, delegates and volunteers present there. Dr. Susan spoke about ensuring the best hospitality available for all the delegates who came for the event.

Moving on, the session was presided over by Prof. V P Devasia, principal of Model Engineering College emphasized on how engineers should develop and enhance their skills in order to become more efficient and employable on their respective fields. And finally, Prof. Devasia declared Kochi Hub Meet open. Later, M. Ranju Paul, member, Koinz Investment Authority gave away a keynote speech that highlighted the importance of technical organizations like IEEE in professional courses.

Soon after the keynote address, Prof. Babu Thomas, Branch Counselor, IEEE MACE SB shared his delight to behold all the IEEE members coming together and making this event a grand success. To end with, Mr. Basil James, chairman, IEEE MACE SB presented IEEE Code of Ethics for which everyone in the auditorium raised from their seats and promised abiding the words spoken by Mr. Basil.

After all the addresses by the distinguished speakers and coordinators of the event, the volunteers organized a gaming session for the delegates present there. These games were not only mind-gobbling but latently enhanced their skills like time management, technical and decision-making skills.

Right after the gaming session, a networking dinner was organized wherein the students were allowed to drive vital contacts with delegates, professors and volunteers who were present there. With all these earnest sessions, the first episode of KHM 2K16 came to an end with a promise of better episode by next dawn.

 27th August, 2016.

The dawn of 27th Aug broke with a hope in every delegate’s mind with much awaited parallel organized workshops for all. After all the workshops ended on a note that the benefits be carried by the students all the speakers were thanked for their share of valuable time. After which everyone assembled in the open auditorium for a group photo. After the group photo another gaming session was organized for the students. This gaming session promised much more fun and tech galvanization than the previous one. The students were seen participating the session more actively.

After the much active session, MACE SB had organized a cultural night for all the delegates. The MACE SB students performed a dance on some of the wonderful tracks with some good flow of music followed right after that. Now that it was the time to unveil a new edition of dinner in KHM, i.e. thattakada. IEEE thattakada met huge appreciation and welcome by everyone in the KHM. Everyone enjoyed the real street life imitated by the volunteers at KHM.

After the dinner, the students were sent to their respective accommodations where again an informal networking session was organized for the delegates. They were allowed to mingle up the students from other colleges with no professional mask but to feel like a family around. This helped to strengthen the roots of their bond.

With this another day came to an end but with salutation for the final day of KHM which seized much more suspense to conclude the event with.

28th August, 2016.

It was the closing day of the meet up which ensured meeting with expectations of many. The day opened with a session by Thomson Tom, SJCE Pala who mentioned about the various technical benefits from IEEE for all the student members. Thomson mentioned about the scholarships that can be availed by student and student branches and the importance these scholarships hold. The session proved to be an eye-opener to many present there.

Later on the Kochi Hub Meet 2016 was adorned by the session taken by one enigma of a personality, Dr. Latha Nair who took everyone to her world, the world unbeknownst to anyone and promising satisfaction for all. Dr. Latha could rejuvenate many lives present there. Her simple but majestic personality mended many lives and gave a ray of hope to everyone present there.

The stories she shared inspired not one but many people. She talked about various charitable movements she has taken up also, talked about her upcoming projects and invited all those who willing to share by being volunteers who could work with zeal and dedication for the naïve projects. Dr. Latha stood as an example and a role model to all.

Then last but not the least, the event came to an end officially by a vote of thanks by the IEEE MACE SB chair Mr. Basil James who thanked all the speakers who graced the three-day event but in their absentia, the delegates who could make it for the KHM’16 from the corners of the state, and the volunteers who took strenuous efforts before months and worked as a team, day and night just to see this event coming up with flying colors.

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