Kerala IEEE Technical Exhibition and Symposium 2016 (KITES’16)

Written by Amrith M

The Kerala IEEE Technical Exhibition and Symposium (KITES) ‘16 sets high hopes in bringing out trained professionals and dedicated volunteers from among its participants in order to be the waves of change that can engineer the future of our country and enhance the technology based skill sets that will be innovative, productive and humanitarian in vision. Being one of the flagship events of IEEE LINK (Local Integrated Network of Kerala IEEE Students) , KITES focuses on providing technical enrichment by offering multiple workshops as well as competitions to showcase the technical skills of the participants.

Sometimes when you see a magnificent train coming, you stand there looking at it amazed, watch it pass by and then realise that you didn’t board it.

But KITES 2016 is not a train you should miss because we want all the technically sound minds on board.

MATLAB to simplify the complexities of Engineering, LABVIEW to help you design and develop, Data Science and Analytics to help you go an extra mile, Robotics and Automation workshop to transform your idea into a product, Future Technologies workshop to build the future and an exclusive workshop ‘ Electonics 1o1’ for the newest members.

Its a lot in there.Right? So don’t just stand amazed but make sure you are in for KITES 2016 at LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Trivandrum on 21st , 22nd and 23rd.

Come be a part and let people be amazed at you.

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