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Kochi Hub Meet 2018

Written by Ahemed Haneen

The IEEE Kochi Hub meet is the premier event of the IEEE Kochi Hub, which features the best of workshops and sessions, great volunteering and networking opportunities complete with fun, frolic and the joy of meeting up with like minded IEEEians. The Kochi Hub Meet provides a platform for one to get to know more about IEEE, explore and relish the latest trending technology they have been waiting to lay their hands on and to engage and network with our dynamic members from over 36 SBs across the 5 zones.

This year , the Kochi Hub Meet was held from 20-22 July, 2018 at Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Arakkunnam with around 250+ delegates and 40+ volunteers from across the Section. We had 4 prominent workshops at the event – namely, a Workshop on Digital Portfolio Making using WordPress, a Managerial Workshop, a Workshop on Light Fidelity and a workshop on DJango. We also had a prolific lineup of speakers that included RJ Neena, Maneesha Panicker, Nihal Raj a.k.a Kicha, Atul Warrier, Ranjith R Nair , and C. Balagopal. Our sponsors for the event were IEEE ComSoc, Kochi Python, Myte, IEDC and GapBlue.

A brief description on the event:

Day 1: The event marked it’s beginning with an elegant inauguration with Mr. C Balagopal IAS as our chief guest. Identifying the importance of an ice-breaking session for the participants met from different corners, a zesty team of volunteers led by Sahil Sameer ensured to melt the ice and bring in the charisma that KHM 18 owned. The first day participants enjoyed a peaceful campfire night and floated lanterns

Day 2: The 4 workshops as planned were simultaneously held in the four different venues at TIST.

1) Lifi Technology – Chanakya Hall,

2) Managerial Workshop – Ramanujan hall

3) Digital portfolio making using WordPress – CS Lab

4) Django – CS lab

The day also included interactive sessions of Nihal Raj a.k.a little chef Kicha and Mr.Atul Warrier Director, Rad Worx Media Pvt Ltd. Day 2 ended with a DJ groove and dinner.

Day 3: The last day participants were given a volunteer training session by Mr. Renjith R Nair, MDC Kerala Session. A prosperous presence of two young lady talents from two different genres, RJ Neena and A young entrepreneur Manisha Panicker enhanced the value to KHM 2018. The event was formally concluded with a feedback and photo session.

KHM 2018 was an extravaganza that was solely possible due to the zest and zeal of an ardent group of volunteers who put on their time and effort for its success. The passionate organizing group included the IEEE link team of Kochi Hub, IEEE student branch of Toc H Institute of Science and technology.

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