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Spectrum War 2019 – January Edition

Written by Reon Saji

Welcome to the first edition of Spectrum War, 2019. This time, it’s all of LINK!

As part of this change there are a lot of new surprises in store, so get your brains into memory mode and read IEEE Spectrum, January issue very carefully. A few changes to the rules are there, but this time we are also looking for people to contribute as quiz masters producing quality content for these quizes, we call them curators and this edition is curated by the current LINK Online Competitions Coordinator.

The test is mostly an MCQ quiz with some timed and some un-timed questions. Look out for defaulting on these as they are simple, but really annoying for a reason!

The test will be conducted in Full-Screen to aid the fairness of testing
The questions are of three types and listed below with some of them being timed.
1 mark, non-negative, MCQ
2 marks, non-negative, MCQ
2 marks, -1 for wrong answer, MCQ
There are two questions that are not part of regular checking, but are tie-breakers in case of draws
3 marks, -5 for wrong, MCQ
5 marks Subjective answer, fully awarded if relevant

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