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Spectrum War – March Edition

Written by Reuben Joseph


IEEE Kochi Hub is hosting an online quiz competition based on March edition of IEEE Spectrum.  The last date of attempting the competition is May 14th 2018.

Rules and Regulations:

  • IEEE members of any student branch under Kochi Hub can participate in the competition.
  • Any number of students from a college can participate in the competition.
  • After each editions of the competitions, a rank list of Student Branches along with the top scorers of each SBs will be published.
  • In case of a tie inside an SB, the SB is required to conduct a tie breaker rapid fire quiz based on the spectrum.
  • The total points of a Student Branch will be the total points scored by members of a Student Branch.
  • Consistent performers and SBs will be felicitated.
  • You should have done a thorough reading of the February edition of IEEE Spectrum before entering the quiz.
  • The duration of the test will be 20 minutes and will consist of 15 Multiple Choice questions.


  • TVs Quantum Dot Future pg 28-33
  • Building a Safer, Denser Lithium-ion  Battery(pages 34-39)
  • Driving Tests for Self Driving Cars (pages 42-45)
  • Ancient Statues Digitally Reconstructed, Return To Mogul (page 7-8)
  • Ferroelectric Transistors :The Ultra low Power Solution? (Page10-11)
  • Resources (page19-20)
  • The Legal Hazards Of VR And  AR (page 21)



If you have read and understood all the above Rules and regulations, then you can take the quiz here.

You can download IEEE Spectrum March Edition here.


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