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Written by Amrith M


24 February 2015


As part of the Volt training, the current RSET IEEE SB Execom was very enthusiastic in training and sharing their experiences with the active members of RSET IEEE SB. The team prepared a strategy to motivate the young professionals to volunteerism. There were around 50 members to attend the training. The current Vice Chairperson, D.Vigneshwer, was very keen in delivering his involvement in the student branch. The Treasurer, Jithin John Mathews, delivered a note on how to manage the financial status of the funds. The WIE chairperson, AmruthaMurali, threw light on the importance of lady empowerment in engineering and volunteering activities. The backbone of the SB, Dr.Deepthi Das Krishna, our Branch Councellor, explained the importance of team work and attitude required to take the SB to new heights. The participants were very curious to clarify their doubts regarding the SB after the one hour presentation was done with. It was indeed the team spirit which brought us the opportunity to share the hour with the fellow student members.

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