EVENTS Travancore Hub Events


Venue : TKMCE

No. of participants: 2 representatives from each sb


  The second WIE meet up was conducted in TKM  college of engineering on 8th April. 2 students each from about 15 colleges attended the meeting .Firstly they were asked to tell about the events they conducted in their respective SBs as a part of WIE WAVE 2.0  and share their experience .

The main aim  of the meeting was to discuss about the upcoming programs they wished to conduct in their SBs. All the WIE chairs were asked to conduct a survey from their wie members in their respective SBs related to what their wie members required to learn before coming for meeting. During meeting all wie chairs presented the opinions  of their wie members. They also listed out variety of events that are really beneficial and informative for their wie members some of them listed were 48 hour hackthon for girls, providing girls with different opportunities etc.

Discussions regarding WIE STAR program, and also some common events for hub ,some technical non technical and social programs which are beneficial for the wie members was held

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