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Written by Vandana

Venue : IEEE Section office

No. of participants: 2 representatives from each sb


  First WIE meet up was conducted on 24th February at IEEE section office. 2 representatives each   from about 15 SBs attended the meeting .VSAC of hub Prof Nandan s and kerala section membership development chair Mr Ranjith R Nair were also present for guiding us.

       The aim of this meeting was just to familiarize everyone  ,to make the wie chairs aware of their duties and responsibilities and also provide them guidance. Firstly all representatives introduced themselves ,  and then VSAC of Travancore hub gave a brief introduction about IEEE and WIE its benefits ,opportunities etc. Then each SB was given a chance to express their ideas regarding the events they are planning to conduct for WIE WAVE .Then they  raised certain queries and doubts which were cleared by IEEE Kerala Section membership development chair Mr  Ranjith R Nair .He also gave a small session related to WIE membership ,its benefits, opportunities ,awards  ,funds etc Also talked about the importance of WIE SB reporting

The meeting concluded with sharing all their ideas and also providing them with some guidelines for conducting events

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