LINK Online Contest Team Formation

Duration: February-March


In order to better reach the student members, a team of volunteers were selected as LINK Online Competitions ambassadors. Three extremely active participants from the application were selected as curators and as hub-coordinators for the ambassadorship program. This was augmented by the implementation of the competitions curator program to select extremely competent students to help conduct events and provide expert advice on the conduct of the IEEE

No of applicants : IEEE Members only, 36.

Selected LOC team strength : 3 Hub coordinators, 5 curators

LOC Team Members

  1. Libin Mathew, CEC SB (Kochi Hub Ambassador)
  2. Abhishek Shankar, CET SB (Travancore Hub Ambassador)
  3. Rejul R S, GEC Palakkad SB (Malabar Hub Ambassador)
  4. Akhil Seshan, MEC SB (Spectrum War curator)
  5. Jairam R Prabhu, MEC SB (curator)
  6. Sreelakshmi A, CEC SB (LINK.log curator)
  7. Anne Benoy, CEC SB (Spectrum War curator)
  8. Lince Chacko, CEC SB (Poster Design)