DATE :OCTOBER 11-13TH 2019



The Malabar Hub Meet(MHM) is the arch event of the IEEE Malabar Hub, which features informative workshops, engaging sessions and interactive talks. Attended by IEEE members spanning across different colleges in the Malabar region, this event facilitates a platform for creating building-blocks of lifelong and diverse professional network. 

Malabar Hub Meet 19 happened from October 11-13 at Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad. The event had a large audience consisting of 230 participants from about 10 colleges in the Malabar Subsection, along with a bunch of dynamic volunteers, the SB execom of GEC Palakkad and the hub team. 


This year’s Hub Meet had three highlights, the most significant one being Innovision – a hackathon aimed at enabling the participants to utilize the knowledge gained through the workshops, along with their problem solving skills to hack the existing challenges faced in the world. The topic given was ‘Advancing humanity through technology’, the tagline of IEEE. First prize winners were awarded an amount of Rs. 1000 per head and first runners up,Rs. 500 per head. Other highlights included a Zumba morning – aimed at providing a taste of the unique scenic beauty of Palakkad and a Halloween night party on the second evening of the event, in contrast to the usual entertainment programs. 


The event had four parallel workshops which were conducted on 12th of October, them being : 

Music system development : A beginner’s workshop on music system development by Neo Green Labs, focusing on the hardware aspects of it. The workshop covered all significant principles of music production technology from developing audio amplifiers, integrating speakers and developing a small music system with breadboard to tuning the music system and adding woofer/tweeter to it. The workshop had 43 participants and was well received. 

Corporate skills development : Led by Mr. Mohammad Ikan of STDL, this workshop was intended to provide a platform to learn the core competencies required to succeed in today’s cut-throat business environment. The session got really good feedback from the audience consisting of 55 participants. Mr. Ikan talked about body gestures at a workplace, that is, how to keep up professionalism in ones gestures during interviews and also at work. He also mentioned about the necessary 21st century professional skills that one must have and also about the way in which one should carry oneself in the tech world, so as to appear unique as well as well-placed within one’s workgroup. 

EV architecture and Electric drives : The workshop was conducted by Mr. Nishanth, an Ex:Specialist in Robert Bosch and also a leading architect in the automotive industry alongside Mohamed Aslam, Ceo of inQbe Innovations, Kochi. The workshop got active participation from 55 students. The speakers began with an introduction to electric vehicles and its basics, followed by the fundamentals of designing an electric vehicle to reality, focusing on various aspects of the development process. 

Introduction to data science and python & introduction to computer vision and ML : This workshop was a combination of 2 different sessions focusing on 2 interrelated fields. Handled by Accent tutors, the morning session on data science and python was taken by Mr. MaharufAli P A and the afternoon session on computer vision and ML was handled by Mr. Pranav. The workshop proved to be really interesting as well as informative for the students, as it gave them a really good kickstart to the world of artificial intelligence through ML, computer vision and the science of handling big data and the powerful language of python. 

Session by salesforce : Salesforce, the American cloud-based software company took a developer session during which they talked about various platforms that can be used for developing technological tools like apps or websites. They also talked about various languages used for the same and threw light on the relevant developer practices as well. The session also had a quiz by the end, during which the crew put up questions to the audience and the keen listeners who answered them were awarded goodies from the company. 



The event began at 2 pm on October 11th, with the registration, following which the inauguration ceremony took place at 4 pm. The Chief guest of the day was Mr. Santhosh Thottingal, who’s a prominent Language engineer & typeface designer. He has been one of the most active contributors of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and a principal engineer in Wikipedia’s language computing department. He was recently awarded the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman by the Hon. President of India for his substantial contribution in the field of Malayalam language. The function was also graced by Mr. Reghuraj, Principal of GEC Palakkad and Mrs. Vinita Chellappan, the SB counsellor, along with the Malabar Hub Execom members and the SB execom members, not to mention the participants and the active lot of volunteers. 

The next event was the session by Salesforce, which went on until 7:30 pm. Ice breaking session followed, which was handled by Rasmi, Secretary of the SB and Dina, WIE Secretary of the SB, during which the participants were split into their respective teams through fun activities and an introduction to the events planned for the upcoming days, was given. The team division was done in such a way that every team consisted of participants from each of the 4 workshops, so as to form resourceful groups that will be able to tackle the upcoming Innovision challenge. The evening ended in fun, and was winded up after dinner. 


Day 2 began with the Zumba session. Neeraja, Vice Chairperson of the SB handled the same. The session got good appreciation from the audience, as it proved to be healthy as well as fun. The second day was mainly packed with workshops, which began at 10 am and went on till 6:30pm in the evening. There were four parallel workshops happening, focusing on four different fields, as mentioned before. After the informative sessions, the halloween party began. It began with a fun treasure hunt during which the 23 teams formed had to hunt for a gift packet placed at a particular destination. This pack consists of a bunch of accessories using which they could dress up for Halloween party. A ramp walk was done on the Halloween theme during which the participants brought out their creative and artistic talents to the forefront. EDM followed, which ended the day with a bang. 


Day 3, the final day began with Innovision, at around 10am. The groups were given a spot of their own in the campus, where all the necessities were provided to them. The topic to Innovision was announced and a time period of 1 and 1⁄2 hour was given, during which the teams had to find a solution for an existing social problem, working on the theme, ‘Advancing humanity through technology’. A lot of interesting and wonderful ideas came up as a result of the same, spanning from waste management system to eco-fridge to piezo-electric tile road. A five minutes presentation was done by each team, which was judged by a panel consisting of Mrs. Vinita Chellappan, the SB Counsellor, Mr. Anuraj, Asst. Professor Adhoc of CSE department and Ms. Pavithra, Asst. Professor Adhoc of EEE department, of the college. Team Captain Cleautus won the first prize, followed by team Moolan kuzhiyil sahadevan. The evaluation was done on the basis of the performance of the teams during the treasure hunt, ramp walk and Innovision. 

A photo session was also done, so as to capture the beautiful memories made. The event ended with the closing ceremony. 

MHM 19 provided a new experience, with its unique location and positive vibe. The event was planned and executed in such a way so as to keep it apart from the usual events and hence the distinguishing highlights. Focus was also done on helping the participants apply the knowledge gained through the workshops, instead of just attending them, through Innovision. Although the event had to face a few unexpected obstacles on its way, it became a success, thanks to the effort and dedication put in by the Hub team, the link representatives, the Execom of the hosting SB who hosted as well as coordinated the event alongwith the hub, the bunch of energetic volunteers and the group of supportive participants.