February 28th is Internationally celebrated as Science Day. To convey the importance of this day, the student community of IEEE Kerala Section decided to conduct a series of events related to science, creating awareness about the day and how the day was declared as Science Day.

Various technical events , conferences and competitions were conducted in SB’s across Kerala. The event focused to develop the technical skills of the student in a comprehensive and effective way through various hands on session. The event became a huge success in a short span of time with active participation of student members in their own SB’s.


  • Each Hub was given their own space to carry forth the Science Week in their HUB’s
  • It was mandatory for the SB’s to conduct events related to Science
  • Awareness session on the importance of Science day and how it got to be celebrated as Science day was made mandatory
  • Tech Talks, Debates, Competitions etc were encouraged

Goals Met

  • Able to conduct events related to science
  • Made awareness about Science Day
  • Active participation of nearly every Student Branch of IEEE Kerala Section
  • A total of 80+ events were conducted.