Science week Activities 2019 | Travancore Hub

Date :February 25th – March 2nd, 2019

Venue:Across different SBs

Number of participants :300+

IEEE Travancore Hub celebrated Science week from February 25th 2019 to March 2nd 2019.Travncore Hub chose the theme ‘Science for people and people for Science’. Around 15 SBs participated in the celebrations and a total of 16 events were conducted by all SBs in the Hub together. 

The following are a  few of the events conducted:

  1. Solve a problem in college with science: Potential competitions are: Paper presentation, Project etc. Or could even be a simple idea pitching event.
  2. Lend a hand to the helping hands: The idea is to educate the janitors, workers and other non-professional staff of colleges the scope of science.( Simple introduction to new technologies and how it may be helpful to them)
  3. Open interaction for students with professionals from scientific industries.
  4. Organizing events at nearby schools. (The idea is to bridge the gap between IEEE and school students)
  5. Break them down: This event focuses on breaking down day to day appliances (like CPUs, Radios etc) to explore the science within.