Spectrum War 2019

Three editions of Spectrum War were conducted, in accordance with the issues of Spectrum as of that month. These competitions guided the participants among IEEE members into reading the IEEE Spectrum Magazine. The winners of the Spectrum War are mentioned below:


  1. Thejus R (CEC)
  2. Jairam R Prabhu (MEC)
  3. Aiwin Manuel (CE Kidangoor)

Overall Participation: 7

Posters released:


  1. Anson Pinhero (SCMS)
  2.  Johnson (SCMS)
  3. Govindaraman S (MACE)
  4. Deepa Mariam (CEC)

Overall Participation: 9

Posters released:


  1. Abhishek Mohan (MACE) 
  2. Deepa Mariam (CEC)
  3. Ruben Shibu (AJCE)
  4. Raneena Raof (JCET)

Overall Participation: 5

Posters released:


  1. Remya C (CEC)
  2. Krishna P (CEC)
  3. Ruben Shibu (AJCE)
  4. Shyama S (MEC)

Overall Participation: 21

Posters released: