Travancore Hub Meet 2019

Date : October 12 &13 ,2019

Venue : TKM College Of Engineering

Category : Technical,Competitions,Educational,Celebrations

Attendance : 400+

The inaugural ceremony of Travancore Hub Meet 2019 was held on 11th October 2019 at TKM College of Engineering. The chief guest of the day was Mr.N Narayana Moorthy, a distinguished scientist, former Associate Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center and currently the Chairman of Keltron.The session started with a silent prayer followed by the delivery of Code of Ethics by Prof.Reshna S, Branch Counselor,IEEE SB TKMCE. Prof. Kutty Malu V.K, Vice coordinator,Student Activities Committee, Travancore Hub, formally welcomed all the dignitaries on the dias and the participants of THM. She talked about the benefits of attending the various sessions of THM, including internship opportunities for the winners of various competitions.It was followed by the presidential address by Dr. T. A Shahul Hameed,Principal, TKM College of Engineering.The traditional lamp was then lighted by the honourable chief guest of the day Mr.N Narayana Moorthy. The chief guest in his inaugural address talked about the importance of moulding students to be experts in industrial practices. He also commented on the significance of additional reading on emerging techniques and having expertise in programming and mathematics. A portrait of the chief guest drawn by a student of TKMCE was handed over to the chief guest as a token of gratitude. The felicitation was done by Dr.Bijuna Kunju K,Vice Chair,IA/IE/PELS Joint chapter,Kerala section. The formal session concluded with the vote of thanks by Anakha Giri, Hub Student Representative, Travancore Hub. This was followed by the cultural programs.

This year’s THM hit a record registration of over 400 participants from over 20 colleges, who had varied opportunities to interact with industry experts from various technical fields. The event winded up on 13th October with a host of cultural performances to add to the frolic.



Ham Radio

Date : October 12,2019

Venue : TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 44

Ham Radio, a one day workshop gave the participants an insight into the working of walkie talkies and different types of radio communication for civilians. There was a total of 44 participants eagerly listening to the five acclaimed dignitaries from ‘Radio Amateur Society of Ananthapuri’. They gave the participants a solid foundation regarding radio and displayed the working of VHF radio. They were also instructed on the procedures to be followed to obtain a license and build their own radio station. They were also taught the ‘MORSE CODE’ used in HF radio.The afternoon session was held outdoors.The faculty demonstrated using a car battery as a power source.All in all it was an interactive session where the participants learnt about the different types of radios used by civilians, their setup and working.Students  enjoyed the session irrespective of their different branches and semesters.

Malayalam computing using NLP

Date : October 12,2019

Venue: TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance : 10 

The event kick started  with the students being introduced to the basics of python. The one day workshop gave away the basic knowledge of Malayalam computing using Natural Language Processing(NLP). NLP is a subset of artificial intelligence aimed at speech recognition, text analysis and machine translation. This workshop saw students working to develop a program that can help them compute everything in the malayalam language. A total of 10 students participated in the event. The volunteers were there at the beck and call of participants for clarifying their technical related doubts and queries. At the end of the day, the event was a very successful one with more students learning to compute in our mother tongue than before.

Progressive Web Apps Using Firebase

Date: 12 October 2019

Venue : TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance : 48

The one day workshop handled by Mr.Jayakrishnan J.R., a senior software engineer working at Neoito Technologies Pvt. limited. The students were inculcated with all the basic fundamentals of apps development using firebase. The students were provided with all the prerequisites before starting the workshop. All the systems were installed with the necessary software and search engines. The class even included the basic concepts in javascript. There were volunteers at the beck and call of participants to solve all their technical related doubts and queries. The day was concluded by taking photographs of the whole team and collecting feedback from the participants.

Debian Packaging

Date and time : 13/10/2019   

Venue : TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 44

Debian packaging is one day workshop for all the software enthusiasts waiting to dive into the kaleidoscopic world of debian and to unravel the mystique art of software packing organised as a part of THM’19. There were 44 participants. The workshop revolved around Debian, it’s software development cycle and creating packages from scratch. We had Balasankar C, a debian developer hailing from Ernakulam, and currently working as a Distribution Engineer at Gitlab as our resource person. He has been involved with Foss projects and communities for around 10 years and has contributed to multiple projects like GNOME, Mozilla, Wikipsource, Swathanthra Malayalam computing. There were volunteers at the beck and call of participants to solve all their technical related doubts and queries. At the end of the workshop, the participants had an intermediate level of understanding about the topic.

Game Development using AR

Date:  October 12&13 ,2019

Venue: TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance : 38

The two day workshop was mentored by Akhil  Menon and Gopal , final year Computer Science Engineering students of the College of Engineering ,Trivandrum. 

Day 1

The software used was ‘Unity’. The volunteers and coordinators helped the attendees with software installation. Later on Akhil Menon started the session by explaining the concepts of ‘Unity’ and familiarizing the participants with the controls of the software. 

The morning session ended by 01:30pm. The afternoon session commenced around 02:30pm. At the beginner’s level the students developed a game ‘Rolling Ball’, which marked the end of day 1.

The sessions were thoroughly interactive. There were students from many colleges including TKMCE.

Day 2

The morning session started by 09:00 am. The day focused on Augmented Reality. The attendees of the workshop were provided with the images of the object.The morning session ended at 01:30pm and the afternoon session commenced by 02:30pm. The workshop was conducted at a beginner’s level. The session was thoroughly interactive and the mentors attended each participant who faced troubles throughout the workshop.

The participants were from different colleges, branches and years, despite which all of them thoroughly enjoyed both the days of the workshop. In short it was a very informative and knowledgeable event.

 VHDL Workshop

Date : 13th October,2019

Venue : TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance : 45

 It introduced the students to the basics of VHDL programming and how to build electronic circuits using this language. The morning session gave the participants an insight on how to code using VHDL. The afternoon session was different. Students were supposed to make use of the VHDL scripting language to build and simulate logic design circuits. Overall, the workshop was a very interesting one with students being taught a new language and how to apply it to create logic circuits.


Circuit Debugging

Date : October 13,2019

Venue: TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance: 20

A circuit debugging competition was conducted for all the enthusiastic circuit designers on 13 October 2019 at TKM College of Engineering.About 20 students participated as 7 teams. The electrifying session of circuit debugging was organised by the team Vector in 3 rounds. First round was an ice breaking session and the task was to assemble a rectifier circuit. This was followed by the second round in which the participants were asked to assemble a complicated circuit of astable multivibrator. And the final round was to design a logic circuit based on some conditions. It was indeed a tough competition and the tiebreakers after each round triggered the participants. Vaisakh C, Anusree Mohan and Ahammad Ameen of TKMCE bagged the first position and the second position was bagged by Ajith R Nair, Aswanth T and Amal S also from TKMCE. Fardheen,a first year Mechanical Engineering student of TKMCE, showcased an astounding performance for which he received an accolade from the organisers.


Date : October 12,2019

Venue :TKM College Of Engineering

Attendance : 20

The Hackathon was a 24 hour event that took place from 10:00 a.m. October 12th to 10:00 a.m. October 13th. The event consisted of five teams of four members each. The participants were handed a task to develop a website that would tackle and solve real life problems. The session continued as the participants worked feverishly to complete their tasks over the span of 24 hours. The coordinators and the volunteer team made sure the participants were supplied with adequate food and refreshments. After the described time period, each group pitched their ideas in front of the judges and were more than capable to come up with answers to the queries of the judges. After a long and hard day of hacking, Team A secured the first place while Team E were the runner ups. The event concluded with presenting the judges with mementos and everyone lining up together to click a photo.


Date : October 12,2019

Venue : TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 15

‘Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress’. Ideathon, the presentation competition organised as a part of THM’19 called out to all the brilliant ideators and upcoming entrepreneurs. It was a platform to transform one’s ideas into reality and realize one’s vision for tomorrow . The judging panel consisted of the advisor of IEEE SBC RAS TKMCE, Prof. Shyba and Assist. Prof. Salil. There were 5 teams with 3 members each. All the presentations were remarkable.

Winners :

1st Position : Human detection and identification using dosimetry and ml

2nd Position : Application of regenerative brakes in high altitude high load scenario


 Date : 13 October, 2019 

Venue: TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 11

Eleven budding coders took part in the debugging competition held at EC lab. The competition started off by 2:30 pm. It comprised of two rounds. All the enthusiastic coders were on full energy until the program came to a wrap. And the volunteers were there at the call of participants to rectify all the technical difficulties that came in between. And the winner was declared by evaluating their performance in both rounds.


Date : 13 October, 2019 

Venue: TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 8

Decode was an event that scaled the students’ ability to decode the codes to find the solutions for the tricky problems. The competition comprised of two rounds. The first round started off by 10:30 am. Eight brilliant coders took part in the competition. The first round was completed by 12:30 and the second round started at 12:45. Volunteers gave them a basic idea of the question. Second round was a surprise coding round. It came to a wrap by 1:45. The winners were announced after the completion of the second round by evaluating their performance in both rounds.


Meet The Founders

 Date : 12 October, 2019 

Venue: TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 42

‘People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people’. An analytical, technology-focused product management professional with proven decision making and leadership skills, Mr. Jayasooryan K V who toiled with passion to make his mark shared his experiences during an interactive session organised as a part of THM’19. Jayasooryan K V, former IITian started a startup, CARESTACK which is a state of the art, cloud-based all-in-one technology platform that fundamentally transforms the way dentist’s work and manage their practises. He apprised the aspiring engineering students about entrepreneurship. The session was free for all and the participants had the opportunity to ask various questions.

Life inside a Nuclear Power Plant

 Date : 13 October, 2019 

Venue: TKM College of Engineering

Attendance : 50

Life inside a nuclear plant was an extremely informative session conducted by Mr. AV Satish, scientific officer at Kudankulam Nuclear power plant. He gave the participants the unadulterated version of life inside a nuclear power plant. It was a highly interactive session with plenty of real life analogies and examples. He dispelled all the negative notions regarding nuclear energy and gave an in depth understanding of Kudankulam Nuclear power plant, its safety features and the environment surrounding it. Overall this season brought a lot of unknown facts into light and assured the participants that nuclear energy is the energy of the future.

And with that THM’19 had come to an ending.