Section Distinguished Lecture Program (SDLP)

SDLP is an initiative of IEEE Kerala Section to support the student branches and other IEEE subunits in Kerala in terms of technical expertise for talks, workshops, tutorials, seminars and conferences.  The objective of SDLP is to increase the outreach of the Section and update members and student members on technologies. As part of this, SDLP maintains a list of distinguished speakers in the area of interests to IEEE. SDLP will support the requesting units in making available the appropriate speakers. SDLP will also support the beneficiary units financially for availing the facility. Any unit of IEEE subsection, student branches, society chapters, or cluster of members can use this facility. Requesting unit has to send a request to Section SDLP coordinator in the specified template. SDLP coordinator will in turn confirm the convenience of the speaker(s) on the specified subject.  Once confirmed by the speaker, the SDLP coordinator will intimate the requesting unit on this. The request for SDLP, feedback from unit, and bill submission must be made online. To and fro travel charges (limited to 2T AC train ticket fare) of the speaker and honorarium* will be reimbursed by Kerala Section.  For operational convenience, these may be paid to the speaker by the beneficiary unit and will be reimbursed to the beneficiary unit within two weeks. Local hospitality like local conveyance, food, accommodation etc. is to be borne by the beneficiary unit. On completion of the program the beneficiary unit shall submit the event report that includes photos, along with the bill and feedback on the talk with speaker rating, to the SDLP coordinator. SDLP coordinator will recommend payment to the beneficiary unit, which will be effected by the Section Treasurer. In the case of student branch, the requestor has to be the Branch counselor/ branch Chairman, and the request is to be routed through LINK. LINK will do the prioritization of requests based on various parameters, including First-come-first-serve basis. In the case of societies, the requestor has to be the Chairman/Secretary of the society. In the case of subsection/ local units, the Chairman/ secretary/ In-charge of the unit can request for SDLP.

The list of distinguished resource person and their areas of expertise is given below.

Name of Distinguished Resource Person Areas of Expertise
Dr. K. P. Mohandas Dean Academic &Professor, Electrical & Electronics Engg, M E S College of Engg KuttippuramControl Systems, System Modelling , Identification, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, Nonlinear Systems Soft Skills for Engineers, Professional ethics, Research Methodology , Literature Survey Using Internet
Prof. V. K. Damodaran Director General, INGCORE, Trivandrum & Hangzhou damodaranvk@gmail.com1. Renewable Energy (Solar, Biomass power and Small Hydro Power in particular) 2. Green Energy Technologies 3. Green Buildings 4. Energy Security 5. Energy Conservation & Energy Management 6. Technology Management; R&D Management 7. Technology Assessment 8. Entrepreneurship (In particular in areas like RE or Energy) 9. Energy Planning 10. Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation strategies 11. Energy Access – Problems and Prospects
Dr. N.T. Nair Chief Editor, Executive Knowledge Lines(EKL)1. R&D – Creating Value Through Innovation 2. Biomimicry – Innovation Inspired by Nature 3. Technology Management 4. Harnessing Renewables – With Care for Ecological Sensitivities 5. Frugal Engineering 6. Mass Storage   of Electricity –   To Serve Renewables Sector 7. Citizen Science – Volunteering of time by public for research 8. Disruptive Technologies
Dr. K. R. Suresh Nair CTO, NeST GroupCommunication-Photonics, Fiber Optics, RF &Microwave, BioPhotonics, Entrepreneurship
Dr Sameer S M Associate Professor, NITCWireless Communications (Multicarrier communications, Cognitive Radio, Cooperative Communications, Multimedia transmission over wireless networks) and Statistical Signal Processing
VARGHESE CHERIAN UST GlobalSoftware engineering, Cloud, Big Data, IOT, Augmented reality, Smart cities, Digital India, E- Governance, E-health, e- Education
Dr A V Babu Associate Professor, NITCWireless Networks
Dr Deepthi P P Associate Professor, NITCSecure Communication
Dr Rama S Komaragiri Associate Professor, NITCMicroelectronics & VLSI Design
Vijay S Paul izecreativeMotivational/Experience Sharing
Myths & Facts of Entrepreneurship
Science of Happiness
Social Media Profile Optimization for Students
Social Media for Extending Classroom Teaching
IEEE Masterbrand Guidelines
IEEE ResumeLab & Collabratec
Digital Marketing (Session and/or W/S)
Personal Branding
E-Commerce & Social Media
Creative Writing (W/S)
Citizen Journalism
Resume Writing (W/S)
Internet in Society (Basics)
Dr. Sreelal S Pillai VSSC, TrivandrumVLSI Design: Processes, Devices & Circuits (Analog, Digital & Mixed signal) MEMS & Nanotechnology Data Acquisition for Instrumentation
Amarnath Raja InAppOpen Source Philosophy Open Source – Programming in Php and Perl Networking – Computer Networks Fundamentals, Networking using Linux Network Security – Threats and Solutions
Satish Babu InApp New Generation Programming Languages Internet Security
Unni Sankar Quest GlobalMulticore Computing Mobile Computing
Gopakumar S ISRO, TrivandrumReal Time Systems Embedded systems Real time operating Systems Software Engineering Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Brajesh C Experion TechnologiesProject Management Leadership
Dr. K. C. Raveendranathan LBS College of Engg for WomenWireless Communication, Neuro-Fuzzy Control Systems, Information Theory and Coding Signal Processing
Dr. P.S. CHANDRAMOHANAN NAIR Amrita, Kollam1. Energy Management and sustainable development 2. Energy and Environment 3. Energy Audit 4.Modern trends in Energy Conservation
KORUTHU P VARUGHESE Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and TechnologyBiomedical Engineering and its related area
Sasi PM CDAC Wireless networks, Free and Open source software
Vijayamohanakumar S R VSSCControl Systems, Aerospace, Flight Control, Guidance & Navigation, Indian Space Programe
Dr Ashok S NIT CalicutEnergy Auditing & Management, Power Quality
V Chander Retired from NPOL (DRDO) Signal Processing Stochastic Resonance, Compressive Sampling, Time Series Analysis, Modern Spectral Analysis, Wavelets, Higher Order Spectral Analysis, SP in Underwater applications, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaotic Data Analysis, Bio-inspired Signal Processing, NL Time-series analysis
Sridhar Amrita, Kollam Artificial Intelligence, Power Electronics, Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, Circuit Design and Analysis (Analog & Digital)
C M Varughese IGATECH industrial Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
David John Tata Elxsi VLSI, ASIC design, FPGA design, Embedded systems
Subodh P S C-DACNonDestructive Testing, Tomography, Digital signal processing applications, Quality Assurance (ISO 9000, CMM), Software Development Processes, Software Testing, Quality Auditing, Lateral Thinking
Imthias Ahamed T P T.K.M. College of EngineeringReinforcement Learning, Matlab and simulink, Control Systems, Control Systems design using Matlab
Cejo K. L. Model Engineering College Digital Design Using Verilog® HDL, FPGA Prototyping, Free and Opensource VLSI EDA Tools like ngspice, GPLCver, IcarusVerilog, GTKWave, Introduction to VLSI Design, History of Semiconductors, Power system analysis using Matlab
Binu P J C- DACTelemedicine
Nandakumar RHardware Modeling using Verilog HDL ( IEEE 1364-2005), FPGA Based prototyping, RTL Design for VLSI
Jaikrishnan Nair Infosys Ltd.Confidence and Personality Development
Ice breaking sessions
C++ and basic Java hands-on session
Gopeekrishnan S InAppGame Development Intro
Game Design
Confidence and Personality Development
Shahul Hameed Kerala Startup Mission  Web Development in HTML,JS & CSS.
Web Development using CMS – WordPress / Joomla
Web APIs
Tech Talks about latest trends
Jithin Krishnan
SCTIMST ,Govt of India
  C/C++, sessions based GUI building for Urban traffic control systems
UTCS Implmentation -merits and demerits -technical overview
FPGA based systems-simulation and training FPGA Based emulation for VLSI design
Placement orientations
Technical writing-How and How
Art of Technical publishing
EMI/EMC Analysis
Basics of Biomedical instrumentation
Technical talks
Aspects of Clinical Engineering
Low power Vlsi design in submicrometer parts
Technical writing -scientific papers
Deep brain stimulation networks
neural Engineering
IEEE related talks
Trends in modern Engineering ssylllabus
Engineering and Medicine
Abey Easow Joseph SciWiz Technologies IEEE ResumeLab
Volunteering & Leadership
Soft Skills
Preethy V Warrier Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.IEEE WIE awareness sessions
Women In Industry
IEEE IAS Orientation
Higher Studies
Irene Susan Mathew Tata Consultancy Services
Windsor Consulting Associates,Pheonix
IEEE WIE awareness sessions
Big Data Training
Shahim Baker Grey Technolabs   IoT
Open Source Hardware
Awareness about engineering education
Increasing Technical competency of Student Branches
Single Board Computers
Embedded Systems (seminar+workshops)
Latest technology trends
Experiential Learning  
Bibin Parukoor Thomas AD Consultancy Services   User Interface Design (Concepts to Prototyping)
Visual Branding
Goal Setting
IEEE MasterBrand Guidlines