Student Branch Resources

Student Branches are the backbone of the IEEE student program. That is why IEEE has created a variety of resources here to ensure that they are successful in their work.


Guidelines for establishing an IEEE Student Branch as well as the required petition form are available in two formats below.

Information is also available on establishing an IEEE student branch chapter of technical societies. A Student Branch Chapter is a technical sub-unit of an IEEE Student Branch.

Students may also petition to establish an IEEE student branch affinity group of Women in Engineering. A Student Branch affinity group is a sub-unit of an IEEE Student Branch.


Student Branches can report their officers at any time during the year and annually when elections are held.

In May 2010, annual activity reporting for Student Branches is available online. This easy to use online form will simplify the annual reporting that all Student Branches are required to submit to IEEE. The one, simple online form takes the place of the printed annual report of activities and the annual plan of activities. You will need your IEEE web account username and password to log in.

Upon submitting the online form in May or two months after the academic year ends for you, the Student Branches will receive a combined payment of the Student Branch rebate/allotment, which is based on membership statistics as of 31 December 2009.
To assist Student Branches with operational expenses, IEEE provides financial assistance directly to Student Branches. The online reporting gives IEEE important updates from the Student Branch including a web site and email address, financial data, a calendar of planned activities for the next academic year and events held during the previous academic year, feedback on their primary purpose, goals and challenges. The Student Branch will also be able to send copies of the reporting to the Region and Section by entering e-mail addresses.
IEEE Student Branches are supported through the rebate program annually and by December each year, upon submitting the online form, a rebate of US $2.00 per Student member of the Student Branch and an allotment of either US $50.00 (for Branches with 49 or less members) or US $100.00 (for Branches with 50 or more members).

Benefits of completing the online activity reporting include:

  1. Your student branch will receive one combined payment of the US $2 per Student member rebate and the allotment of either US $50 or US $100 based on membership as of 31 December 2009 membership statistics.
  2. Your student branch will not be required to submit any other activity report this year.
  3. Your Student Branch officers will be able to view the report you submit online and see the great things your branch did in the past.


Student branches interested in creating and hosting a Web site can use IEEE Entity Web Hosting services.


To help recruit and retain IEEE student members, membership development materials are sent to every IEEE Student Branch Counselor in August each year. More materials can be ordered, if needed.

Student Branch Counselors and Student Branch Chairs now have access to branch membership information through SAMIEEE.

Visit the membership section of this site for the latest information on IEEE membership benefits.

To find out who the region and section officers are in your area are, visit the regional organization roster and browse the left hand side where branch counselors and chairs are listed. An IEEE Web account is needed to access the roster.


For use at your Student Branch: