Shark Tank 2021

Shark Tank 2021

Hey, budding business magnates out there!!!!!

Building your empire is your dream, right?

Gather your grit and brush up your industry skills for SHARK TANK 2021

You are just 5 quests away from grand premiere with successive round getting harder than previous.


Round 1- Aptitude Analysis

✨ Who can convey more about you than yourself? Put your thoughts into words out here.

Round 2- JAM

✨ Focusing on HR circumstances, candidates will be given 30sec  to think on a solution and one minute to talk. Keep your calm out here!

Round 3- Case Study Analysis

✨A good entrepreneur will be a team player with clear cut ideas. Work in teams and show your caliber in  crisis analysis and technical skills.

Round 4- Financial Model Development

✨ Women are good with money! Prove it out. Prepare a financial model for a situation provided. 

Round 5- Pressure Round

✨What distinguishes you from the rest? Now this is a suspense round. Deal with it for 20 mins!

So what are you waiting for?   Either you win or you learn.


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