vbn 8 black gram yield

Officials said, VBN-6 black gram variety is highly resistant to yellow mosaic virus disease, a dreaded disease in summer black gram which affects the yield drastically, has synchronized flowering and pod setting and comes to harvest in 70 days. This characteristic of the variety has encouraged the farmers to go for the variety. silvestris 22/10 The cultivated varieties of black gram [C06 and VBN8] were crossed with wild species Vignamungo var. In irrigated conditions sowing commences in February. 55 - 60-845. 2013. CO 8. 1 Black Gram Cultivation (Urad Dal) Information: Silvestris 22/10. The materials used in the study included 10 cultures and 2 varieties (VBN 4 and ADT 3) as control. Raised in both irrigated and rain fed conditions. Studies were conducted in India to gain information on the field performance of pelleted seeds using Vitex and Calotropis leaf powders with Acacia and maida gum as adhesives in blackgram cv. Technology Option 1 Black gram VBN 10 Source of the Technology TNAU, 2019 Technology Option 2 Blackgram VBN 11 Source of the Technology TNAU, 2020 Farmers Practice VBN6, VBN 8 , Local variety Parameter(s) for assessment Number of days to 50%flowering, Yield and BCR Critical inputs VBN 10 and VBN 11 black gram seeds Pulse wonder Cost per location ( Rs.) VBN 8 Black gram sowing using pulse marker Aplicación of 12.5 : 25 : 12.5 NPK and 10 kg S/ha Soil Application of MN mixture @ 7.5 kg/ha Pulse wonder foliar spray – 5 kg/ ha IDPM strategies Demonstration of ICM in Newly released TNAU Black gram variety VBN 8 5175 ha Demo – 10 Area – 0.4 ha Read: How to Prepare Garden Seedbed. PDM 139 x BB 2664 (Culture : VGG 10 … Parentage: VBN 1 x UK 17 . Table of Contents. VBN 4. The yield of Black Gram: Basically, Yield depends on the variety of seed selected and field management, with hybrid varieties it is possible to achieve yield from 800 kg -1100 kg /acre. In rain fed conditions sowing commences in September and extends up to the middle of October as pure crop and inter crop. 268(E) / 28.01.2015. Black gram. S.O. COGG 923 X VC 6040A. IC 597999. Short duration, Determinate plant type with synchronized maturity, Resistant to yellow mosaic disease, stem necrosis and moderately, resistant to root rot. 2.8-3.5 - 3.5 – 4.0 : 2.3 : Grain yield (kg/ha) Rainfed : 775 : 1100 : 978 : 500 kg/ha (Rice fallow) Irrigated : 878 - - Pod Colour at maturity : Brown : Black : Brown : Special features : Moderately resistant to powdery mildew and Yellow mosaic Indeterminate flowering : Moderatly resistant to yellow mosaic virus VBN 5 BG. New crop Varieties, Farm implements and management technologies- 2011-Black gram VBN6 Black gram (VBN-8) 50 50 % contribution from NFSM Intercropping systems (Groundnut with redgram) Red gram (VBN-3) 50 Increase the yield production and income Critical inputs for Integrated Farming systems - 5 100% contribution from HEELS NGO for promoting organic agriculture Crop protection Integrated pest and disease management VBN 3. These genotypes were evaluated in three seasons (kharif 2007, rabi 2007 – 08 and kharif 2008) in a randomized block design to identify superior performing black gram genotypes in a range of environment and test the stability of performance. VBN -8 Vignamungo var. 1650 Seed pelleting with Calotropis or Vitex at 100 g/kg seeds using 15% maida gum and 30% Acacia gum, followed by drying enhanced physiological and yield parameters.

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