Welcome Note

Hello to all my dear young friends of IEEE Kerala Section,

Extremely glad to see the first edition of the LINKLINE 2020 and to pen a welcome note for the same. 2020 has come with a bang in various angles. It ushered in for IEEE Kerala Section a new recognition world wide after a successful completion of TENCON2019, the flagship conference of R10. We also became the 4th largest section in the world in terms of membership and having crossed 1500+ events in 2019.

As we look at the data and events, one attribute of the Kerala Section gets added prominence - Team Spirit. TEAM is a magic word in letter and spirit. TEAM as it is spelled does not have an “I” in it . As one collaborates and works along , without the “I” feeling, with Oneness, the Team succeeds! We have been lucky to have this aspect continuing from its Seniors to the youngest of students in Kerala Section.

When one goes through the articles in the current edition of LINKLINE, we get to see this team spirit and the camaraderie which has led to 500+ events in a short span of 4 months. I particularly like the concept of cluster events being conducted this year, which build in this oneness while maintaining a healthy competition, all the while hand holding weaker links.

The current pandemic is being fought back by the increased number of Technology focussed events that are being conducted without violating the lockdown norms in Kerala. Let me congratulate the LINK team for being extremely conscious of the local laws and at the same time being cognisant that the student community needs to be focussed positively. We as engineers and as a team can have multiple innovative low cost solutions for the “New Normal” that’s coming up.

I would welcome all the readers to look at the snapshot of the innovative events presented and enjoy the vibrancy of our young friends,all along aligning with the IEEE spirit of bringing up Passionate Technically strong Engineers for advancing Technology for Humanity.


IEEE LINK originated in IEEE Kerala Section with the aim to associate various student branches in an effective manner, thereby increasing the value in IEEE student membership. LINK was formally inaugurated by past IEEE President Mr. Cleon Anderson in January 2005. Since its inception LINK has achieved tremendous results, causing an exponential increase in student branches and student activities in the IEEE Kerala Section. The LINK and its three subsidiary HUB teams (Travancore Hub, Kochi Hub, and Malabar Hub) are being trained with effective leadership skills which are being passed on to the student community, thus improving professionalism and ethics in students. The section observes a count of 100 student branches with 4151 student members spread across the state that are being mentored by the LINK team.

Under the guidance of the Student Activities Committee, 500+ events were conducted at Student Branch level during the span of January to April 2020. Apart from that Online Execom Training was also given to 25 Student Branches to familiarize them with their responsibilities . The International Women's Day was celebrated as a week-long celebration named VENUS-The Epitome of WiEness and 50+ events were reported as part of VENUS. 100+ events were also reported as part of Science Week celebration in accordance with the National Science Day on February 28th.

Technical Article


Many investigations have been done on self-balancing methodologies since robotics reached the concept of unmanned wheeled bots. The Segways and hover-boards were among the first self-balancing rides. Balancing implies that an inverted pendulum is in a state of translational and rotational equilibrium, standing upright at 90 degrees with respect to earth. Its applications go on from transportation to surveillance. After Segways and hover-boards came the idea of Self-balancing bikes or bicycles which was a bit more tougher to accomplish. That’s because unlike the segways or hoverboards the bikes doesn’t have their direction of falling the same as their direction of motion.


There are several methods for self-balancing a bike or bicycle which are classified mainly into four types.

  1. Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG): This method can provide large torque. Consumes high energy as the flywheel is spinning all the time. Consists of a spinning rotor with a large constant angular momentum, whose angular momentum vector can be changed for a bicycle by rotating the spinning rotor which is on a gimbal. This applies a torque to the gimbal to produce a precession, gyroscopic reaction torque orthogonal to both the rotor spin and gimbal axeses.

  2. Mass balancing: Mechanical structure of mass balancing is simple but provides less torque

  3. Steering control: A controller controls the amount of torque applied to the steering handlebar to balance the bicycle. Low mass and low energy consumption but it requires ground reaction forces and it cannot withstand large tilt angle disturbances. It cannot balance the bicycle at low forward velocity.

  4. The reaction wheel: The speed of the reaction wheel is increased or decreased to generate a reactionary torque about the spin axis which is parallel to the bicycle's frame. As the bicycle begins to fall to one side, a motor mounted to the reaction wheel applies a torque on the reaction wheel, generating a reactionary torque on the bicycle, which brings back the bicycle’s balance. The advantages of this system are it is a low cost, simple and no ground reaction, while the disadvantages are it consumes more energy and it cannot produce large amount of torque.

Among these methods, the CMG, a gyroscopic stabilizer is a good choice because its response time is short and the system is stable when the bicycle is stationary. As the rotor tilts, the changing angular momentum causes a gyroscopic precession torque that balances the bicycle

Tilt angle measurement

There are several methods to measure the angle of tilt. Distance sensors ie Time of Flight(TOF), cameras, gyroscope, accelerometer and IMU( 3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis gyroscope). TOF sensors have low response and they are only good for plane roads. Cameras are good only if it’s a good and advanced one with complex image processing which is costly and time consuming. The best option is to place a gyroscope and for more error free stabilized balancing IMU is preferred. Gyroscope gives the angular tilt but it causes error if there are more sudden disturbances that is why IMU is better because IMU gives the rate of change of angle (angular velocity can be obtained).

Considering the reaction wheel method or CMG the overall working is simple. The center of mass of the bike should be lower and the flywheel or reaction wheel should be higher. In reaction wheel method this data is used in the equations to obtain the direction and speed at which the motor should rotate and in CMG method this data is used to obtain the rotation for the spinning rotor on the gimbal. The calibrations are made according to the vehicle for smoother reaction.

Self balancing technology is applicable both on manned and unmanned vehicles (mono-wheelers or two-wheelers). Many two-wheeler industries have made concept prototypes of self balancing bikes. This technology will probably hit the commercial market very soon. The point to be noted is that this technology is easier to implement in electric rides than the fuel engine types.

LINK VoLT 2020

The IEEE LINK VoLT-2020 was held at Kerala Start-up Mission, Kalamassery, on 18th & 19th January 2020. It was the first meetup of the previous year’s as well as newly selected LINK team and The Society representatives with the new Kerala Section office bearers. Mr. Sabarinath G Pillai (Vice-chair, IEEE Kerala Section), Mr. Nandan S (Chairman, Student Activities Committee - IEEE Kerala Section), Mr. Shahim Baker (Past Secretary, IEEE Kerala Section),and Mrs. Mini Ulanat (Chairperson, WIE Affinity Group – IEEE Kerala Section) addressed the newly selected team, after which every member of the new team shared the innovative steps they plan to introduce in the student activities of 2020. To conclude, the previous year’s LINK team-members shared their experiences and congratulated the new team. Overall this event helped to create a bond among the members of the new team and also to understand the relevance of their positions and duties.

LINK F2F 2020

The IEEE Face to Face – 2020 (F2F) was held at College of Engineering Chengannur, on 26th January 2020. Over 116 Students from 58 student branches participated. It was a great opportunity for the participants to network among their peers.

The new LINK team was introduced, followed by an informative session handled by Mr. Nandan S (Student Activities Committee Chair, IEEE Kerala Section) regarding SB Operation and Guidelines, on time reporting of events, Activity calendar for SBs, proper utilization of funds, scholarship and fellowship applications and guidelines. After this session, an open discussion of the Student Branch representatives and section execom was done which helped to clear their doubts regarding organization of events, membership retention, funding etc. Post-lunch, a session by Mr. Abey Easow Joseph (Membership Development Chair, IEEE Kerala Section) was taken on Vtools reporting and OU analytics. F2F winded up with a briefing of upcoming LINK and Hub events by Mr. Shylesh (Student Representative,IEEE LINK).

Science Week

February 28th is Internationally celebrated as Science Day. To convey the importance of this day, the student community of IEEE Kerala Section decided to conduct a series of events related to science, creating awareness about the day and how the day was declared as Science Day. Various technical events , conferences and competitions were conducted in SB’s across Kerala.

In this year we have collaborated the science week celebrations with IEEE Kerala Section Students Technical Consortium- TECHSORTIUM 2020. The event focused on developing the technical skills of the student in a comprehensive and effective way through various hands on session. The event became a huge success in a short span of time with active participation of student members in their own SB’s.


1.Malabar Hub

2.Kochi Hub

3.Travancore Hub

Venus – The Epitome of WiEness

Venus – The epitome of WiEness, the WiE week celebration was observed from March 7 – March 13, 2020. The event brought all Women’s day celebrations under a single structure, the Venus. The week was dedicated to celebrate women’s achievements in the social, economic, cultural and political spheres.

The IEEE WiE Community focused on conducting outreach programs at SB Levels, unfortunately many couldn’t complete due to the hit by the pandemic COVID 19. Many of the structured WiE week celebrations were then conducted using online platforms.


1.Malabar Hub

2.Kochi Hub

3.Travancore Hub



TECHSORTIUM is a major Technical Flagship event of IEEE LINK. The event comprises major pre-events, other competitions and also project and paper presentations. The program is a major tech-oriented which aims at developing and training the students as professionals. There will be more than 500+ delegates. The program will be exclusive to technical aspirants only. There will be around 10 pre-events and also have more than 10+ main events. The program also has the intention of bringing out the quality and ability of the SBs and mentoring them to conduct more technical events.


Expertise students in the Technical field and to make them equipped to take up challenges in Entrepreneurship.


To engage students in Technical competitions and encourage them to find out their true potentials by providing proper guidance in the Technical field and Entrepreneurship.

Event Focus Areas

The Pre-Events of the TECHSORTIUM were organized to ensure the active participation of all the Student Branches of the IEEE Kerala Section. To ensure the presence of all the members in TECHSORTIUM, besides the SB Chairs and LINK representatives we have selected 111 student members as the Campus Ambassadors from all the Student Branches of IEEE Kerala Section.

Pre-Events List

  1. Spectrum Talk Competitions in SBs

  2. Technical Quiz Competition

  3. Work Your Brain Out - WYBO

  4. Best Engineer

  5. Design Engineering Competition

  6. Student Branch Poster Presentation Competition

Completed Pre-Events

1. Technical Quiz

Among the listed Pre-Events, Technical Quiz competitions were completed. It was successfully conducted in collaboration with Science week celebrations. 10 Student Branches from Malabar Hub, 7 Student Branches from Kochi Hub and 7 Student Branches from Travancore Hub have successfully conducted the Technical Quiz Prelims in their SBs and the winners(First and Second Holders) will represent their respective Student Branches in the FInals at TECHSORTIUM’20.

2. Best Engineer

The Preliminary level of Best Engineer was conducted on an online basis from 4th-6th April 2020. The problem statements were shared through the LINK Website and 48 hours were given for the participants to submit their solutions in the website.
We had an overwhelming participation from almost all Student Branches and among them 6 students were selected to the finals.

3. Student Branch Poster Presentation Competition

This competition was focused on the achievements and highlights of the Student Branch. Each SBs were able to submit a maximum of 2 posters through email. The designs were evaluated out of 50 points which include 20 points for design, 20 for the content , and 10 for the guidelines. Based on the above criteria, following are the results:

First: College of Engineering Chengannur.
Second: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam.
Third: St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai.

Execom Training for Student Branches

For the smooth working of Student Branches and to ensure that each and every IEEE Members stick to the IEEE guidelines, it was essential to give direct training to the newly formed Student Branch Execom. Therefore IEEE LINK took the initiative of giving direct training from the most experienced IEEE professionals. ExeCom training has been taking out to several student branches in Kerala section. 25 Student Branches from Kerala Section have completed the online Execom Training. Students were able to gain knowledge of IEEE code of ethics, societies and their visions and the different awards and scholarships they can apply.

Innovation Challenge

IEEE LINK in association with IEEE SIGHT Kerala Section and IEEE Kerala Section Young Professionals has conducted an Innovation Challenge named 'Let's Innovate' from 6th April 2020 - 17th April 2020. The participants were allowed to submit their ideas of future proof projects on the healthcare domain. Ideas to encounter COVID-19 pandemic were given special consideration in the competition. We had a total participation of 14 groups from all the three hubs, each group containing 4 students. The ideas submitted were evaluated by Prof. V K Damodaran (Chair, Evaluation Committee),Dr. Koruthu Varghese (Chair EMBS, Kerala Section),Dr. A. Sukesh Kumar, (Vice-Chair EMBS, Kerala Section),Mr. Varghese Cherian (Chair, PIE, Kerala Section),Dr. Bijuna K. (Chair-IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter, Kerala Section) and Mr. Shahim Baker (Chair-Industry Relations, Kerala Section). Evaluation was conducted in multiple rounds, including telephonic interview with the participants and the winners were selected on the basis of the clarity of their idea and its feasibility for deploying during the current situation. The First place was bagged by students from RIT, Kottayam for their idea of 'Mobile app controlled low cost UVC disinfection robot' , Second place was given to students from GEC Palakkad for their idea of 'Portable Mechanical Ventilator', and Third place was bagged by students from TKM College of Engineering, Kollam for their idea of 'Four way ventilator splitter'. The winners were officially announced by Pro. V K Damodaran (Chair, Evaluation Committee) on 17th May 2020.Overall this competition was a grand success and it really helped to bring out the best from our student members.

WiE Learn

WiE-Learn is an online mentorship programming, exclusively for female engineering aspirants across engineering colleges in Kerala. The mentorship program is open for all registered students. WiE Learn provides two main domains:
1. Android App development using Android Studio.
2. Full Stack Raspberry Pi

Teams of five were eligible to apply for the course and a total of 25 teams (Total 125 students) were shortlisted from the applicants. It contains 3 teams from Malabar Hub, 15 teams from Kochi Hub and 7 teams from Travancore Hub. Among them 17 teams are attending Android Development and 8 teams are attending Raspberry Pi course. Each team is assigned with a mentor. The training program started on 5th April 2020 and continues till 23rd August 2020. As an outcome for this project, a Hackathon during WiES or as a prevent for WiES will be conducted. Every 3 weeks of the mentorship program an assessment task will be conducted, in order to know the follow-up.

WiE Colloquium

WiE Colloquium is a program focusing on WiE AG members (female engineering aspirants) to surge and update the technical knowledge. It is a panel discussion with 2 phases of which at the first phase all WiE AGs are divided into 9 groups and are given the pillars of Industry 4.0 . The second phase will be on the topic Industry 4.0 coordinated by IEEE LINK as the final event of WiE Colloquium. Grouping of WiE AGs were conducted from 22nd-24th April 2020. The Phase 1 started on 28th April 2020, under the supervision of YPs from WiE and was successfully completed on 9th May 2020. Best panelist from each of the 9 topics will be selected for Phase 2 execution.

LINK Online Competitions-2020

Spectrum War

Spectrum War is an online quiz competition open to all Student Members, which is to be based on the issues of Spectrum as of that month. These competitions are aimed to guide the participants among IEEE members to read the IEEE Spectrum Magazine. The winners of the Spectrum War are mentioned below:


DECRYPT 3.0 is a series of online quiz competitions conducted through the Instagram page of IEEE LINK. The question contains two images which have a strong connection between them. The participants should submit the answers as replies to the stories updated in IEEE LINK Instagram Page. The first three who give the correct answers were selected as the winners.




1.1 Malabar Hub Chairs and WiE chairs Meet #1

Date: 23rd February 2020
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Venue: NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad

The session started with a brief introduction of IEEE Malabar Hub. The newly formed Hub Team introduced themselves,followed by Student Branch chairs and Wie chairs present. Then, discussion moved to the events hosted in the particular Student Branches. Most of the Student branches were doing creative and remarkable events which were capable of bringing impact to a good number of students. We discussed how each event was conducted and appreciated each other. We also brainstormed about new event initiatives, and made an action plan for the year.

We included organizing pre-events of Techsortium 2020 in the particular Student Branches in the discussion. We also gave a brief idea about Techsortium 2020. For Wie, Dina introduced the structure of VENUS.

After discussing the events, we talked about general topics like the responsibility of a Chair in a Student Branch. Maintaining the vision of IEEE is the main factor a Chairman should focus on. Reporting events on time is also a crucial part of the role. We also asked for suggestions for improving the activities of Wie affinity group. Strengthening Wie and ensuring involvement of women in the IEEE activities. Vasanthi ma’am, the Wie coordinator of Malabar Subsection was also present in the meeting. She addressed the Wie chairs. Mini Ma’am the Chair of Wie Affinity Group, Kerala Section also addressed the chairs through video call.

After the discussion, photographs were taken and the meeting was dispersed

1.2 Malabar Hub Chairs and WiE Chairs meet #2

Date:27th March 2020
Time: 11am to 12:30pm

As the corona pandemic is live around the world, and the Indian Government had announced lockdown over the whole country, we were not able to meet physically. Therefore we shifted our meeting to an online platform. The meeting was held on the Zoom cloud platform for meetings. Malabar Hub VSAC, Laly Ma’am was also present in the meeting.

Malabar Hub Student representative, Solomon Staby was the host of the meeting. The meeting started with the introduction of all members, followed by the discussion of events held in the previous days. There were members who were not present in the previous meetings. They too got involved in the discussion of events conducted by the Student Branches. Most of the events have gone to the online platform due to the lockdown.

Laly Ma’am addressed the meeting soon after the discussion. She appreciated the idea of conducting events online in the form of webinars and online meetings. She also advised the participants not to panic about the pandemic.

Members raised some doubts regarding the cancellation of VENUS and about upcoming events. The meeting concluded at 12:30pm.

1.3 Sixty Seconds!

IEEE Malabar Hub conducted an online event ‘Sixty Seconds!’ where the participants had to speak on the theme ‘Technology of 2050’ for 60 seconds and upload their videos on Social media or any cloud platform and share it with the Malabar Hub Team. The students were given 2 days to create video and the closing date of entries was on April 12, 10 pm. A lot of entries were made which were really commendable. There were a total of 26 entries and they were from various colleges. This program has brought out the creativity in all the participants and their talk/ideas of how Technology of 2050 will be was sublime. This program was a huge success where all the participants were able to bring out the best in them. It was quite tough to select the winners as each of them were remarkable. The winner of Sixty Seconds was selected.

1.4 Panel Discussion

IEEE Malabar Hub in association with Malabar SubSection conducted an online panel discussion on the topic ‘Is Kerala technologically ready for another pandemic?’ on 16th April 2020, at 6.30-8.00 pm.The panelists were: Dr. S D Madhukumar(Chairman of IEEE Malabar Subsection) ,Dr. Gilesh M P(Secretary, IEEE Kerala Section) , Laly James (VSAC, Malabar Hub), Fasil O K (Chairman, IEEE SB CUK).The panelists talked about relating Kerala with a more deadlier situation, how engineering students contributed when the pandemic alert was announced, such as communication systems, face mask and sanitizer production units, robot servings etc. There were 34 participants. Students were able to induce awareness about the situation and to contribute technically.

1.5 Webinar-'Journey of a Student to Entrepreneur'

To enhance the startup culture in the students’ minds, IEEE Malabar Hub conducted a webinar on the topic ‘the journey from an engineering student to a startup founder’, by Robin Kanattu Thomas who is the Co Founder of Astrek Innovations. The webinar was conducted on 25th May 2019, from 6:30 to 7:30pm. There were a total of 89 participants from various colleges across the country.The session was very useful for people who wanted to build something of their own. Many gained knowledge of how a startup worked and many were able to motivate themselves to achieve their dreams.


2.1 Kochi Hub WIE MEET#1

Kochi Hub WIE Meet#1 was conducted on 16th February 2020. Discussed the activities of WIE in Kochi hub and to come out with new ideas that would improve the strength of WIE affinity group in Kochi hub.Also to planned for VENUS and WIE week celebrations for 2020.Members from 11 SBs attended the meeting.

2.2 Kochi Hub Chairs Meet #1

Kochi Hub Chairs meet#1 was conducted on 8th March 2020 at Government College of Engineering Thrissur.The session began with the attendees introducing themselves and was followed by a brief on the notable events conducted in their Student Branches. About ORE,Live Hangout Sessions,Conducting Peer to peer learning sessions, Initiating Technical Club,Conducting Hackathons,Tech Talks were discussed

2.3 VENUS- The Epitome of WIEness

IEEE Kochi hub celebrates international women's day with a one day learning program on March 8th 2020 at Government College of Engineering, Thrissur exclusively for women. The program witnessed 60 delegates from different colleges in Kochi hub. Venus had 4 speakers. Ms.Latha Balachandran, Managing Partner of Resitech Electricals was the chief guest. Ms.Henna Jayanth, Race Car driver was our second speaker. Speaker 3 was a student, selected from Voice of WIE. Mr. Kiran Johns, Qiskit Advocate IBM also a student of MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. He introduced the delegates to the world of quantum computing and its applications. Lastly, Ms. Jiby Krishna, Engineer at Agappe Diagnostic Ltd addressed how to come out of the comfort zone and work towards an aim. Atlast there was also a session on self defence. The event ended successfully with positive feedback.

2.4 Kochi Hub Chairs Meet #2

IEEE Kochi Hub conducted an online chairs meet on 29th march 2020, for all SB chairs under t Kochi hub through Zoom Meet. 21 SB’s attended the meeting. It offered a great platform for all the chairs to express their opinion and ideas.Chairs from different SB’s talked about their respective events hosted or currently hosting.


Kochi Hub initiated Cluster Competitions, named WAR as a Pre-Event of Kochi Hub Meet 2020. The entire active Student Branches under Kochi Hub is divided into 9 clusters and they are here to face off and wage wars. With every event and hype leading to KHM the WAR is bound to intensify for the ultimate crown. With as many as 15+ online pre-events and more than 20 other pre-events, KHM is all set to be the largest bonanza IEEE Kerala Section has witnessed. With healthy competitions and great communications among the student branches, KHM is sure to strengthen the relations among student branches serving the ultimate purpose of LINK.

There are 2 sets of events:

Cluster Individual Events: Individual events are those in which the student or the teams participate on an individual basis, such as Paper Presentations, Online Coding Competitions, Design competitions, etc. There will be no restriction on the number of participants from each cluster.

First Prize: 100 points
Second Prize: 70 points
Third Prize: 50 points
Individual participation: 1 point per person/team

Cluster Team Events:
Cluster team events will be conducted in such a way that there can only be one team representing a cluster. The team size will vary according to the events, but will at least have a 4 member team in almost all events. The cluster team will consist of at least one member from each SB present in the cluster. The rest of the team members, if there are any, can be decided by the cluster teams.

First Prize: 300 points
Second Prize: 250 points
Third Prize: 200 points
The Leaderboards will be updated after every event. The ultimate winners will be awarded in KHM. The cluster competitions are to kick start with 15+ online events in the wake of Lockdown Scenario existing in our country. This will engage the IEEE students in activities that will prove to be beneficial for them in the future with a touch of fun and their competitive spirits roaring.

PreEvents - Phase 1

  1. Idea Presentation on the topic " How to beat epidemics using Technology?", hosted by IEEE SB ASIET on 3rd April 2020. It was conducted in two phases.It paved out to be a stage for the inspiring count of 108 registrants in the competition to showcase their interest and will in contributing towards the society in any possible way.
  2. Debate competition hosted by IEEE SB MACE . It was held on 4th,5th and 6th of April with Preliminary, Semifinals and Finals respectively. It had a participation of 36 students from 9 teams. The debate topics were very much relevant in the current scenario and the participants aced it.
  3. BuzzFeed is a competition based on IQ, EQ and Aptitude skills hosted by IEEE SB MBCCET on 5th April 2020. It was conducted in two phases and it had a total participation of 102 students.
  4. Code Debugging competition hosted by IEEE SB RIT on 6th April 2020. The competition was held on GitHub platform and it witnessed a total participation of 148 Students from different clusters. It was really an interesting competition for the tech enthusiasts to boost their brain to troubleshoot the codes for some interesting unique problems.
  5. Capture the Flag competition hosted by IEEE SB CUSAT on 7th April. It was held in 7 different levels in which each level had a different flag. The participants should submit the flag in the final by going from each level to the next. The event was a huge success and it saw a wonderful list of 139 participants spread across all the SB’s in Kochi HUB.
  6. Quarhunting an online technical Treasure hunt hosted by IEEE SB SJCET was started on 9th April 2020. It was conducted on different rounds and the participants were able to enter the next level only after finishing the first one. It was successful with a participation of 125 student members.
  7. Pycode online python coding competition hosted by IEEE SB FISAT on 10th April 2020. It witnessed participation of 65 students for the 2- hour event from different clusters. The competition was hosted on the HackerRank platform.
  8. Arduino Hack a circuit designing and coding competition using Arduino UNO R3, hosted by IEEE SB VJCET. The event was conducted in an effective and efficient manner using Tinkercard online platform. Total 69 students participated and they were able to understand the basics of the Arduino board.
  9. Gambler,quiz series based on technical as well as non technical fields, hosted by IEEE SB CEP. It had a participation of 28 members of 7 teams consisting of 4 members in a team from different Student Branches. The event gathered a huge appreciation.

Events - Phase 2

The Phase 2 of war was started on 21st April 2020 with more interesting competitions. It is still going on and the completed events are listed below:

  1. Scavenger ,a decrypting type of event with one question a day for 15 consecutive days started on 21st April 2020. It was conducted in association with IEEE SB GEC Thrissur. The questions were related to technology as well as current affairs. It had a participation of 124 students from different SBs.
  2. Cracker Jack competition was conducted in five rounds from 26th to 30th April 2020 by IEEE SB GEC Idukki. A total of 96 members participated in this event. The different rounds had different concepts which includes idea pitching, debugging , technical quiz and so on.
  3. Caprelibrum was a technical review writing competition hosted by IEEE SB TIST. Almost 38 entries were received from many colleges under Kochi hub on 28th April 2020 through google drive link and winners were selected based on their view on tech topics.
  4. Decipher was a logic circuit analysing competition hosted by IEEE SB MEC with 118 participants, from May 5 to May 7 ,2020. It was conducted in two levels under the classmaker platform.
  5. Arcane was an online coding contest hosted by IEEE SB MITS on May 8 ,2020. It had 44 participants from different SBs under Kochi Hub. It was a timer based competition done on kahoot platform.


3.1 Travancore Hub Chairs and WIE chairs Meet #1

Travancore Hub Chairs and WIE Chairs Meet#1 was conducted on 15th February 2020 at IEEE Kerala Section office. 15 SB Chairs and WIE Chairs Participated.A brainstorming session was initiated to share and discuss their ideas for the events. The Hub Team presented the action plan for the year 2020 and thereby throwing light on the structure of the events planned - VENUS, Projexon, Travancore Hub Meet. The session was concluded with an explanation of the do’s and don'ts while conducting an event, approaching an official or another SB and the procedure to be followed while conducting MD sessions for the SB.

3.2 VENUS-The Epitome of WiEness

IEEE Travancore Hub conducted its version of the event “VENUS - The Epitome of WiEness” in association with the International Women’s Day, on the 7th of March, 2020 at LBS Institute of Technology for Women. The event consisted of a series of talks presided by renowned and very well established personalities. Total 61 Students Participated.The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Sarada Jayakrishnan, Chairperson, IEEE Kerala Section. Mrs. Anna Daniel, Senior Project Manager, Digital Unit, Infosys, Mrs. Archana Gopinath, Founder of The Reading Room, Project Manager and Social Entrepreneur, Mrs. Anu Kumari IAS, Assistant Collector, Trivandrum, Dr. B.Premlet, Prof & Head, Dept. of Physics, TKM College of Engineering and Mrs.Sharika Menon, Founder and CEO, Mindport were the speakers.

3.3 ASPIRE - Webinar on Technical Paper Writing

IEEE Travancore Hub organized a Webinar on Technical Paper Writing on the 7th of April, 2020 in association with ASPIRE. The session was handled by Mr. Gilesh M.P., Secretary, IEEE Kerala Section.Total 42 Students Participated.
Mr. Gilesh M.P gave us an exceedingly interesting insight into the right process of writing a technical paper accompanied by the methods to be strictly followed to publish the same. He also enlightened us on the vast sea of opportunities available to us in order to present or publish a paper. The webinar was concluded with a brain taxing Q&A session.


IEEE Travancore Hub organized a Webinar on Basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP) on 30th of April, 2020 . The session was handled by DR P.C. REGHU RAJ, Principal, GEC Pallakad. He has over 19 publications in his area of interest.
Dr P.C Reghu Raj gave us an exceedingly interesting insight into the basics of natural language processing and the growing importance in today's world. He also enlightened us on the vast sea of opportunities.Total 30 students participated.The webinar was concluded with a Q&A session.

★ ★ ★

We appreciate all the Student Branches under IEEE Kerala Section for their immense support and cooperation with us. As a result of your hard work, we have completed 500+ events, within a duration of four months. You have made these Lockdown days more productive by organizing webinars, virtual workshops, competitions etc. within your Student Branch. The amount of effort that you all have made for making your Student Branch strong and active is tremendous. You all are enthusiastic, energetic and have a positive attitude. Without your tremendous support we might not have been able to achieve such an amount of success. We thank each and everyone of you for the constant hardwork and dedication. #joyofvolunteering.

Upcoming Events