An uplifting initiative with the primary aim to revive dormant/inactive student branches by virtue of clustering with active student branches. The pre-eminent responsibility active student branches is to conduct events in collaboration with inactive student branches with renewed focus on increasing membership count via engagement of student members with edifying programs as well as expose them to the benefits of IEEE membership. If/when the active SB completes this given duty effectively and fulfils the ultimate goal in reviving the inactive/dormant SB, the SB would be given special accolade from the section.

An award system will be established wherein the awards are categorized into three namely Platinum, Gold and Silver. These awards would be given to 3 SBs who have brilliantly fulfilled their roles in this initiative. The section shall also honour them with an email signature & Badge for their noteworthy performance in addition to the awards.

This initiative brings up dormant/inactive SBs and further enhances the energy of active SBs progressively increasing membership count as well as retention rate on both sides.

Who can submit the proposal ?

The proposal should be submitted by the project lead. The project lead should be the focal volunteer till the completion of the project, who can be any of the following officers:

  1. Student Branch Counsellor
  2. Student Branch Chair
  3. Student Branch Secretary

The proposal should contain:

  1. Executive summary of program
  2. Events and Competitions
  3. Technical sessions/orientations/workshops
  4. Metrics used to measure success

Project Timeline

Call for proposal 12th October 2020
Proposal Submission Deadline 19th October 2020
Evaluation and assigning SB 21st October 2020
Duration for executing project 21st October 2020 – 30th November 2020
Submission of all Reports On or before 7th December 2020
Evaluation and Announcement of Winners Last week of December 2020

Evaluation Criteria

  • Should have at least 20% Increase in Membership of inactive Student branches as on 31st December 2020.
  • Number of Activities conducted in collaboration / Hosted by the assigned Student branches.
  • Quality of programs conducted and Number of Participation of students
  • Overall Impact of program.

The Final Report Should Contain

  • Activity Report
  • Screenshot of Events
  • Recording of Events

Awards would be given to SBs who have brilliantly fulfilled their roles in this initiative